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Postively False

Postively False

306 pages. Nonfiction.

Since we're avid watchers of the Tour and the Tour begins tomorrow, this book came at a good time. Quite disappointing though as Landis talks smack about Armstrong and appears quite ungrateful for all his opportunities; something that I had not expected at all. Landis lays out the foundation early on in his book that UCI is bullheaded and a force to be reckoned. In the end, he still insists there were irregularities with the testing, samples, etc.

But Landis does clear up the "mystery" about why Armstrong won so many tours - if every other rider has to take a commercial plane or automobile to the next point, sometimes 6 hours away and Armstrong can takea private jet getting him there in 2 hours, then he has 4 more hours to rest and recoup. Thus, explaining why he could win 7 tours without drugs.