About Me:

Just A Little Type A

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Who I am:

I'm a serial entrepreneur, writer, blogger, student, and mom.

How I named my blog:

I choose my own name because I began this blog in 2006 to chronologize events in my life. I added the "just a little type a" moniker as an understatement.

Just a Little Type A:

Definitely type a. No ifs ands or buts about it. Think Tiger Mom and not just because I'm Asian American.

Can't keep a job? ADHD? You Decide:

I see opportunities and act on them. Thankfully, I'm blessed with a tolerant husband that allows me to indulge my creativity and passions. "So, is this what you really want to do? Is that what you've decided to do now?" was the response from a cousin when I told her I was in school full-time to pursue another career.

Obscenity or Obsessive:

I don't know how to slow down and just do one thing. Multi-tasking is not a dirty word. It's a life-style.

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